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What the Hemp? CBD Stereotypes and Potential Benefits

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By White Buffalo Hemp Company | September 5, 2019

The discussions about CBD are growing more and more common on social media, online publications, and even mainstream media. But if CBD is so popular, why is it not used more often than it is? Some of these reasons have to do with stereotypes that people have to get past to accept the fact that it is nutritious and beneficial plant. Other reasons have to do with the legality of it or fears that there will be side effects that might be harmful.

In this post, we’ll take a look at all of these factors so that you will have the information to look into CBD for yourself and see if it is something you might like to try.

We are neither encouraging nor discouraging you from trying CBD oil, and it is not for everyone. But what we seek to do is to remove the stereotypes and the false infolmation you may have received from mainstream media or other sources that tend to have a bias against it due to conflicting political goals.

Stereotypes & Misconceptions

The stereotypes that people tend to have about CBD is that fact that it is associated with the hemp plant, from which marijuana is made. But CBD does not contain the psychoactive element of the marijuana plant. Hemp and marijuana are two different varieties of the cannabis plant. You could think of them as two different products of the cannabis plant as well.

People use marijuana primarily for the psychoactive effects, but people use hemp and the resulting CBD oil as a therapeutic health benefit. Once people get past the stereotype and look at the cannabis plant under a virtual microscope, they start to understand that there is a vast difference between the two and it all depends on how you use it and what product is produced from it.

So remember that just because hemp and marijuana grow in the same patch doesn’t mean they produce the same products.

Possible Health Benefits from CBD Oil and By-Products

It is amazing that more people are not getting CBD oil when you find out all of the things it is capable of doing.

Below are some of the conditions that we know people have reported getting relief from due to the use of CBD. While the clinical and scientific studies are still considered ambivalent and results are sometimes mixed, the objective report of people who report that they feel so much better and their body functions better are growing.

1. Improved Circulation and Lowered Blood Pressure

Some studies illustrate that the use of CBD can promote regulated and lowered blood pressure and improved circulation. In the studies that have been done regarding the potential benefits of CBD oil, many people have reported that their blood pressure was stabilized or lowered possibly due to their use of CBD oil.

If blood pressure can be reduced, circulation will improve, and general cardiovascular health will be developed. If you experience circulation problems or hypertension, it may be worth trying to avoid having to take high-powered blood pressure medications

Of course, you should consult with your doctor before stopping any current medication or adding to your medications or supplements.

2. The feeling of Improved Concentration and Relaxation

Many people report that theyfeel more concentrated on a task, their focus improves, and they can relax more, especially at night when people tend to have trouble falling asleep. Again, the studies are just now ramping up so there will be more information in the future that should illustrate this more definitively.

But for now, the best thing people can do is to try a little and see if they notice an improvement.

3. Possible Improvements to Serious Disorders like MS or Schizophrenia

While no conclusive statements can be made, many people with serious muscular disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease, aswell as disorders of the brain such as Schizophrenia may be helped with the use of CBD. It is possible that this is because these disorders all have to do with the chemistry of the brain and CBD uses the systems in your brain that are alreadythere and neurotransmitter interactions to create a sense of balance in the body and the brain.

4. Possible Reduction in Inflammation and Pain Reduction

Many people have reported a reduction in inflammation and pain when using CBD products. It is understood among chemists and physicians who have studied CBD more succinctly that inflammation reduction is an observable result of CBD in studies. If you reduce inflammation, you reduce pain as well as the impact of serious diseases that involve an inflammatoryfactor. So it is clear that CBD does affect the inflammatory processes of the body in some way, though the research is still new.

5. Lowered Diabetes and Heart Attack Risk

Diabetes is one of the highest risk factors for serious illnesses as well as an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. CBD seems to have some relation to the incidence and severity of diabetes and the risk of diabetes. Also, since CBD also appears to have a connection to metabolism and weight control, it may help reduce the diabetes risk due to the lowered weight and increased metabolism that many seem to get from CBD.

6. Possible Cancer Prevention and Treatment

While no specific claims can be made at this juncture regarding the ability of CBD products to prevent or reduce the effects of cancer, it is looking hopeful that this may be proven in the future as the research continues.


How to Increase the Potential Benefits of CBD

According to Dr. Philip Blair, CBD researcher, you can take some CBD with saturated fats like olive oil or butter, and it seems to create a catalyst for the CBD. Dr. Blair has a lot of great ideas regarding CBD and how to find the best CBD products (Essential Wellness Oil – 1000MG) for your money. He recommends counting the number of milligrams of CBD as consider how much you need for maximum efficiency and focus on those products. Start with the serving size that is recommended on the package, but he suggests that you increase the dose until you get the effects you are after.

As with any supplement or drug of any kind, it is essential that you self-monitor how the substance is affecting you and visit your doctor is you are already taking other medications or supplements. Blair stated that he believes there is no “medication interference” of CBD with other medications until you get over the 200 mg level of dosage. This is not conclusive, though, so you should use your judgment when taking it.